Providing Investors an opportunity to take part in the Blockchain Revolution of the financial industry.

Oryzon is a venture capital fund that invests in ‘the next big opportunities in cutting edge technologies investments’, and tokenises its investments in them, thus opening doors for immense growth potential.

Venture capital investment is the most profitable type of investment. But the challenge is it has always been the most illiquid type of investment.
We have the solution!
Tokenisation will potentially unlock trillions of dollars in private assets in the next decade.


We use Blockchain technology (the same secure technology used in cryptocurrency) to issue tokens that represent the investors’ shares in the fund. This solves the problem of having to lock up investments for long periods of time. Investors can get in and out by buying and selling Oryzon tokens.


We have a team of some of the most renowned names in the technology and financial advisory worlds. We identify opportunities by analysing trends, predicting the right winners, and investing in them.


We manage the fund to maximise the potential of our investors' returns while minimising the risks.


The Oryzon tokens value represent the value of the fund at any given time, meaning that the investors can cash out or double down at any point during the fund’s life.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers








Target exit multiple

5 Year​

Investment horizon

Start Ups that you can fund

Unprecedented Opportunities. Impeccable Reliability.

We believe that the world of technology is witnessing the convergence of various disciplines, namely Blockchain, AI, and IoT. Soon blockchain will develop much more sophisticated architectures, decentralised ledger technology architectures, that will not only allow for the storage but also processing.
This on the other side, will enhance the capabilities of data acquisition, administration, and processing beyond what we currently have, which means that AI systems are going to improve to an unimaginable level.
IOT devices will collect data and will exhibit intelligent behaviour.
This is a tipping point. This convergence will disrupt all industries from Fintech and MedTech, to Insuretech and Edutech. Oryzon is positioned perfectly to capitalise on these new trends.

Ready to invest in the future of tech?

VC investments have never been this easy. Sign up with us. Once you are fully on-boarded and verified by our compliance team, investment is as easy as a few clicks.

We are on a mission to be the leaders in this capital revolution

There are hundreds of trillions of dollars in private assets that are locked into companies awaiting their big break or IPO. This has made these opportunities highly illiquid and only available to an exclusive club of ultra-high net worth investors who can wait to reap the highest returns.

How do we do it?

Experienced Leadership

The Oryzon fund is managed with an interdisciplinary approach. The leadership of Oryzon is made up of some of the most forward-thinking pioneers from the financial advisory and technology worlds.
This makes Oryzon unique, because not only do we understand the financial side that is necessary for success, but we are also technologists with an impeccable track record of starting, running, and exiting successful tech start-ups.

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